After almost a year of suffering from back pain and endless visits to physiotherapists, osteopath and various clinics plus hours spent on different exercises which supposed to help me I thought that I would never be able to sit, walk or exercise without the pain until someone recommended to me Fatemeh. I’ve never heard about spinal touch before but I decided to give it a go and I have to say I was amazed what the difference the treatments made.  I want to say huge thank you to Fatemeh who has been extremely professional and trustworthy from the first appointment and helped me to enjoy my life again. I recently completed half marathon and I wouldn’t be able to do it without her help, thank you for caring and wanting to make a difference.


I write to confirm the vast improvement in my condition after sessions of treatment from yourself, and let everyone know of the benefits of your treatment.

Back in March at 57 years old, I developed severe pain diagnosed as Sciatica, I had been off work for 6 weeks and 3 weeks after returning to work, it reoccurred meanwhile I was receiving prescribed medicine from the Doctor, Chiropractic Treatments and a 3 month period of Phshyo at the local hospital.

At this stage I was on:

  1. Tramadol Hydrochloride 50mg 4x 2 per/day
  2. Lyrica 75 mg Pregabaline 3×1 /day
  3. Celebrex 200mg Celecoxib 200mg 1 per/day

These symptoms were later confirmed by a MRI Scan.

The level and threshold of pain was 100% at my first visit to the “Seena Clinic” in July 2010.

The treatments progressed and i took the advice after “Spinal Touch” from Fatemeh.

A noticeable improvement in the threshold of pain occurred and my quality of life improved drastically to the point I am returning to work next Monday after recent treatments.

I have taken no prescribed medication for 6 weeks now, not even a paracetamol or Ibobrofen.

I have purchased Fatemehs Exercise Video to be my Maintenance Tool and with this I hope to fly through my next MOT Test.

Recommend to anyone.


George Temperley

Dear Fatemah,

Further to my recent follow up treatment, I felt it was important to fully express my gratitude for your help.
I felt immense pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck when we first met and I had already tried a number of treatments without any relief at all.
From the very first session, your honesty and sincerity marked you out from the others and after a few sessions I realised you have the healing hands of an angel!  The pain had been getting worse before I saw you but was completely gone after 3 sessions and it has not returned within the first year.
I have recommended you to countless people because I know how concerned and frustrated people get with never-ending treatments that only provide temporary relief.  Bless you for the good work you are doing and long may it continue.
Many, many thanks and speak again soon….
Andrew Singh Bogan
Andrew Singh Bogan

English Version

I am a 42 year old woman and I have decided to share the history of my illness which was treated with the Spinal Touch method.
At the begging of 2017, a severe pain began in my groin area and gradually increased. At the same time, I felt the pain in the lumbar region and I was unable to walk or even sleep.

After referring to the GP and several examinations, it was diagnosed that I have arthritis therefore I started researching to start my treatment and I finally got to know the Spinal Touch technique. Then I decided to start the treatment with the amazingly talented Dr. Fatemeh Rezaie in 10 weekly sessions by performing simple and light exercises in areas that I was feeling pain in.
However, I managed to reduce the pain from 10 to 1 without the need for surgery and also the problems that had arisen for my bones in the pelvic region and the hip were solved and went back to normal again as they have been improved.

My treatment is ongoing and I still receive consultations from my doctor once every month or so. Overall, I am satisfied with this method of treatment and my advice to patients with this problem is to try and practice the Spinal Touch method. This all because of my good doctor which I would like to thank. (Dr. Fatemeh Rezaie)

نسخه فارسی

در ابتداي سال ٢٠١٧ درد  شديدي در ناحيه كشاله ران من شروع شد و بتدريج افزايش پيدا كرد.  هم زمان، ان درد در ناحيه كمر هم بوجود امد به نحوي كه قادر به راه رفتن و حتي خوابيدن نبودم .
پس از مراجعه به GP و معاينه ، تشخيص بيماري آرتروز  داده شد .
براي درمان خود، تحقيق و جستجو كردم كه نهايتا با روش درمان اسپاينال تاچ آشنا شدم ، و تصميم به شروع اين درمان توسط دكتر مختصص فيزيوتراپ سركار خانم فاطمه رضائي نمودم و بصورت هفتگي طي ١٠ جلسه تحت درمان قرار گرفتم  و با انجام تاچ  براي نقاط درگير و انجام تمرينات ورزشي سبك و محدود ، موفق به كاهش درد بصورت شگفت انگيزي شدم و وضعيت درد من از شماره ١٠ به ١ كاهش پيدا كرد .

بدون نياز به عمل جراحي مشكلاتي كه براي استخوان هاي من در ناحيه لگن و ران ايجاد شده بود، به حالت نرمال و قبلي بازگشت و همچنين انحناي كه در ستون فقرات بوجود امده بود كاملا صاف و بهبود پيدا كرد.

در حال حاضر درمان من ادامه دارد بصورت ماهانه و از دكتر مشاوره هاي لازم را مي گيرم.
بصورت كلي از اين روش درمان راضي هستم و توصيه من به بيماراني كه اين مشكل را دارند ، انجام درمان اسپاينال تاچ است و از دكتر خانم رضايي عزيز كمال تشكر را دارم .

M.A - London