03 Aug 2011

Reduce the risk of Sciatica

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Well, I know I’ve said this before, but poor posture is one of the biggest causes of any back problem.

Being overweight can be an issue as well so, healthy eating and exercise is important.

Stress has a surprisingly negative effect on the lower back, which is exactly where the Sciatic Nerve is at its most vulnerable.

During day to day activities, remain mindful of lifting things that are too heavy, be careful not to twist, strain or bend in awkward ways. When seated or walking, don’t slouch as this alters the curve of your back, therefore moving your vertebrae closer to your Sciatic Nerve.

These are all things you’ve heard me say before… and they are things that every other expert will say too. So listen to us.

The main thing to remember is that treatment of an existing back pain is much, much harder to live with than avoiding it in the first place.

It’s so important to me that this preventative ’way of life’ is learnt and adhered to by as many people as possible - it means that I’ll ultimately be out of a job of course… but I would honestly love nothing more than to eradicate back pain.


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