16 Oct 2014

I love to see my patients happy!

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I get asked time after time as to how I can cope with all the work I do a day?? What is my drive in this and how do I motivate myself to do the same thing all day everyday??

My answer is simple!! Giving my patients a helping hand to make them feel better is all my motivation….. Producing results in what I do is what I work for. I am sure it’s the same with you all, isn’t it?? A happy customer can make your week never mind your day, specially  when they actually tell you how your work has made a difference in their lives:

“After almost a year of suffering from back pain and endless visits to physiotherapists, osteopath and various clinics plus hours spent on different exercises which supposed to help me I thought that I would never be able to sit, walk or exercise without the pain until someone recommended to me Fatemeh. I’ve never heard about spinal touch before but I decided to give it a go and I have to say I was amazed what the difference the treatments made.  I want to say huge thank you to Fatemeh who has been extremely professional and trustworthy from the first appointment and helped me to enjoy my life again. I recently completed half marathon and I wouldn’t be able to do it without her help, thank you for caring and wanting to make a difference. “ Ewa

Thanks to Ewa and all my other patients whose encouragements keep me going all day everyday!





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