27 Jun 2012

Hello there, I’m back….

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I know I have been off my blog for a long time, however, so much has happened since March (my last blog update) that one can hardly believe. From appearing on Channel 5 “Live with Gabby” show twice on the 26th March and 9th May to start my all new regular show in the Iranian TV, Manoto TV, which by the way is my favourite Iranian channel.

Meanwhile I have expanded my clinic days in three different clinics to suit everybody’s budget. The Harley Street clinic is still on and added to that are Fridays at Ealing clinic and Saturdays in my home clinic. As we are getting more international clients I will also be available for phone consultations which are very limited and on a first come first served basis.

Now you can understand where I’ve been behind all this work. The good news is that we are going to have a regular update on the blog from now on. We will have a lot happening on this website. As you have probably seen on the “Home page” this website now has a “Google Translator” facility and that means you can easily select your preferred language from the provided list and read the blog in your own language which I think is a blessing… This makes it easier for me to share my preferred health articles with my social media friends and my show viewers from anywhere in the world, I absolutely love this bit of it though.

The advice and exercise bunch of posts will also be available on the blog, so chose what you want to read and read it in your own time and in your own language….. It’s just going to take a couple of days to transfer them all over to the blog. Once you are on the blog don’t forget to look at my “recommended product” on the left side of the blog that should hopefully be updated regularly and the previous ones will still be available to view from our “Products” page.

Last but not least is about the clips from my shows which will be easy to spot on the blog with the heading “clips” for you to refer to as they could become handy every now and again reminding you of easy exercises and postural advice.

Right, I think I have given you enough for today.

Be back soon


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