Fatemeh’s DVD

I’ve two DVDs which you can buy. One is for those able bodied and the other for people with limited mobility. The DVDs will help you to treat and prevent your back pain through simple exercises which can be done in everyday situations like in the car, at home and at work.

Fatemeh the physio DVD
DVD 1 – Exercises for Able Bodied People – £9.99
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This DVD is for you if you are fairly active and mobile and do not suffer from a chronic/disabling condition. To be able to practice the exercises in this DVD you need to have full mobility in your joints, specially spine, and be able to go on the floor without any restrictions. You could still do the exercises if you have severe back pain, however, if you have had a surgery on your spine, have spinal fusion or suffer from Sciatica you will find DVD2 more suitable for you.
DVD 2 – Limited Mobility and Wheelchair Users – £9.99

UK Customers International Customers
This DVD is more suitable for people who have issues with their mobility, have spinal fusion or severe sciatica. The exercises also cover getting off the floor in case of a fall and demonstrates the independent manouver on and off bed for people who have these mobility issues. Exercises for wheelchair users is another chapter in this DVD, which focuses on this group of people.

As well as buying online, you can also email fatemeh@fatemehthephysio.co.uk

See below for a promotional clip from the DVD