12 Aug 2010

Win Fatemeh’s DVD!

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There is a chance to win one of my DVDs. You want to know how? Click on the link below:


Gook luck…..

05 Aug 2010

Fatemeh on BBC Radio Newcastle

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My life story has been on a few papers before and this time BBC Radio Newcastle showed interest to learn more about the challenging back pain that I had to face and overcome at the age of 14! Yes I was only 14 when I was told I needed a surgery on my back, however, I managed to live with the agony for 14 years and eventually went under the knife at the age of 28 when my new born baby was only a few weeks old.

Here is a link to my interview by Simon Logan on Tuesday 3rd August.


You can listen to the whole show and enjoy it. Simon is lovely and has very popular afternoon shows. My interview is towards the end of the show after the news at 3.00 pm.

He did mention on the show that he was going to see me on Wednesday and yes he did. He came to see me and got a taste of “Spinal Touch”. Why not asking him how he feels after the treatment?!

And as always your comments are welcomed.

11 Jul 2010

Lets talk about slipped discs

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I’ve now been waiting for a couple of weeks for somebody to start our first discussion. If you are not starting our discussion then I think it would be ideal for me to start talking about a slipped disc. What a popular phrase, isn’t it? Do you or any one you know, have one of them? If the answer is yes, then do you know what we mean by slipped disc?

I want you to watch my clip on the DVD page of this website to help you understand what a disc is and what happens if a disc is under too much pressure, then it’s much easier to  make sense of a slipped disc. Any questions let me know….

26 Jun 2010

Hello there,

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I’ve just started to write in our Advice Room, but its so much to write about its hard to decide where to start. So I thought I ask you to let me know what you want to know about. How is that?

Post me a comment and start a subject and I shall advice you accordingly. Here is your chance to ask the question about your pain and discomfort and get the simplest and most understandable answer you could ever get.

02 Jun 2010

It’s nice to hear good feedback

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Hello everyone

The best part of my job is seeing the amazing individuals that I work with walk out of my clinic different people than when they came in.  I thought that I would share this lovely email that I’ve just received from one such person:

“Dear Fatemah,

Further to my recent follow up treatment, I felt it was important to fully express my gratitude for your help.
I felt immense pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck when we first met and I had already tried a number of treatments without any relief at all.

From the very first session, your honesty and sincerity marked you out from the others and after a few sessions I realised you have the healing hands of an angel!  The pain had been getting worse before I saw you but was completely gone after 3 sessions and it has not returned within the first year.

I have recommended you to countless people because I know how concerned and frustrated people get with never-ending treatments that only provide temporary relief.  Bless you for the good work you are doing and long may it continue.

Many, many thanks and speak again soon….

Andrew Singh Bogan
BVC(Dip) LLM LLB(Hons)
& AAFS Legal Co-ordinator”
02 Jun 2010

Another satisfied customer – I love my exercises!

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Hello everybody, my name is Mrs Madge Cowen and I am 71 years old.  It all started a few months ago, when my both knees and both hips started to go 100 times worse than they have ever been. The pain was so bad, I couldn’t tolerate, even though I was used to the pain, having them for years! I could hardly sleep, and was in so much pain and agony in the morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.

I visited my GP again and was referred to a Orthopeadic Consultant in the local hospital, where I was told that both my knees are probably bad enough to undergo total knee replacement, but weren’t sure whether my hips were giving me the excruciating pain and agony as they were also badly degenerating. The pain in my knees were so bad that the doctors decided to start with my knees first, and go back to my hips in a later day, so I was put in a waiting list, for my left knee to be done first.

In the meantime, I decided to give the exercises a go, as Fatemeh had always wanted me to do, and I didn’t do. I know Fatemeh as a good friend and therapist, as she has been looking after my back for the last few years. It’s not that I didn’t believe in exercises, but the pain was so much I couldn’t even climb the stairs to the gym on the first floor. Anyway, I did it. I started my especially designed exercise programme and practiced them almost everyday. Within a week, I could see the differnece in going up the stairs, getting off the bed and so on. I was taking less painkillers and were much more mobile, to the point that when I was admited to the hospital for my first knee operation, my hips were fine, and that helped my recovery so much, I was up and about post operation in no time.

I totally recovered from my left knee operation and although I feel some pain and stiffness in my hips, I know for sure its because I haven’t been doing my exercises lately. I can certainly say that if things stay the same way as they are now, with the help of exercises, I might never do my other knee or my hips, which is great news for me and also for the National Health Service.

Madge Cowen.

02 Jun 2010

Seena Health in the newspapers

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Click on the thumbnails below to see articles about Fatemeh and Seena Health in newspapers.

01 Jun 2010

Amazing Spinal Touch

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Have a look at the clip below to hear what my patients have to say about Spinal Touch…


26 May 2010

Fatemeh in Dubai

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Following the great success of the Seena Health Complex news on the BBC and its other media coverage, Fatemeh recieved a complimentary invitation to the ‘Abu Dhabi Outook Summit’ under High Patronage of His Excellency Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Almansoori, AEU Ministry of Economy.

The event was during two days (2nd and 3rd of November 2009) and most of local and national investors were invited to the 5* Hilton Hotel to grasp exiting ideas presented by speakers from around the world to develop the standard of Abu Dhabi towards 2030. These ideas were selected carefully within different categories including properties, engineering, airports, health care and so on, and Fatemeh had a presentation about staff and patient management within the planned new hospitals.

Her focus was about back pain (as always) and how common this pain is within today’s world due to lack of activities, stress and other factors within everyday’s lifestyle. She had a very dynamic presentation and as part of interaction with the audience she asked the delegates to perform an exercise from where they were sitting, which went very well!!

26 May 2010

Fatemeh In The Journal

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The Journal opened its “ne business” section with a photo of Fatemeh under the title of “Fatemeh’s brave fight for success” and “Fatemeh beats adversity to launch fitness career”.

It ’s a great article about how this businesswoman has overcome the various challenges in her life specially in the last 2 years to keep her head above the water!

Please fill free to zoom in and read it. Interesting article.